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The Golden Service Of Lifan Motors Brazil Got Highly Praise From Media

- Jul 18, 2017 -

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The article pointed out that ReclameAqui was an important platform for Brazilian consumers expressing their requirements for service, so it almost covered all users’ immediate interests. Therefore, the rank was a straight display for companies’ concerning for brands’ reputation and customer caring, additionally, it exerted great influence on consumers’ purchasing determination.

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The article made a comprehensive review about the main auto brands in Brazil, in which mainly analyzed the satisfactory performance of the best-three brands including Lifan other than disclosing the shortcomings of some brands. At this review, Lifan acquired 7.3, reaching to the degree of Otimo (standing for excellent), ranking only second to Subaru who got 7.75 scores. At present, some consumers still hold prejudice toward Chinese auto brands, which perform badly on after-sales service to their mind. For their recognition and Chinese brands’ image improvement, Lifan Motors Brazil is endeavoring to build golden service, and this comment proves Lifan’s attitude and capability toward service.

Lifan Motors Brazil is sparing no effort on upgrading service systematical management and efficiency, promptness on response to customers and solution model execution, optimization on logistic storage project, meanwhile, ensuring spare parts supplying, arranging regular training for dealers and special maintenance website, promoting service process and capability, organizing long-term after-sales service activity, practicing golden-service principle. The accolades receiving from Brazilian media will motivate Lifan to make continuous endeavor and push the customer’s satisfaction to a new height. 

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