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The Champion Model New Lifan X60 Launched In Brazilian Market

- Jun 12, 2017 -

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The Lifan X60 has turned out to be the sales champion among all Chinese models and most popular Chinese SUV in Brazilian market since entering Brazilian market. The Lifan X60 has won the favor of consumers and harvested good market reputation, thus, the Brazilian media and consumers are extremely looking forward to the new Lifan X60 going on sale. The new Lifan X60 pre-launching reflects that the consumers will have a chance to buy the new Lifan X60.

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Huang Zhen, the Deputy General Manager of Lifan Motors, said under the situation of great change in Chinese market and even in global market, the independent auto brand is gradually catching up with the traditional outstanding auto brand which has greatly improved its brand image. With the trend of Chinese vehicle’s fast emerging, Lifan Group has made greater strategy adjustment to launch the chapter of New Lifan, New Start. At the same time, Lifan would firmly carry out the South American strategy and further optimize the product lineup in Brazilian market by bringing more high-quality products into the market. The new Lifan X60 pre-launching is a good beginning of New Lifan in Brazil. Huang Zhen stressed that the dealers should make further improvement and carry out the Lifan spirit of All For Customers, which can help the dealers and Lifan have a good prospect in the vibrant Brazilian market.

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Fang Yinqi, the executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors Brazil, announced that the new Lifan X60 officially entered Brazilian market. The new Lifan X60 has the versions of Talent and VIP equipped with MT and AT modes which means the automatic transmission version is officially going on sale. Meanwhile Fang Yinqi said, through New Lifan, Lifan Motors would have a bright prospect and make great progress in research and development, supply system, production system, design and quality. He appreciated to the dealers’ efforts in the difficult period and the Brazilian vehicle market was still vibrant and full of hope. In order to satisfy the needs of consumers, Lifan Motors would bring two new types of SUV into the Brazilian market next year.

Earlier, the dealers praised the design and the quality after pre-experiencing the new Lifan X60 and were eager to the launch of the new Lifan X60. And currently the new Lifan X60 successfully entered the market which made the dealers great confidence in Lifan. As learned, the new Lifan X60 would officially go on sale in Brazil this June. 

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