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The 1st Lifan Motors College Student Creative Design Competition Was Launched

- Dec 30, 2016 -

On November 30, Lifan Motors 1st (2016) College Student Automobile Creative Design Competition exclusively titled by Lifan Motors was held in Chongqing Jiaotong University.

The competition is organized by Tencent Chongqing, co-organized by Chongqing Media Sodality, Chongqing Jiaotong University and Chongqing University of Technology, and directed by China Automotive Technology & Research Center and the occupational guidance center for Chongqing college graduates.


Seek creative designers in automobile field 

The over one-month lasting auto design competition has gathered the automotive amateurs at college and creative design amateurs who will design the auto appearance, interior function and interior look of A class SUV to show their talents and creativity.

The competition is judged by the management from China Automotive Technology & Research Center and Lifan Motors. The works will be judged in light of the aesthetics, practicability and operability, aiming to seek the new star for creative design in automobile field. Such move facilitates the auto brand with independent research, production and innovation to improve the industrial design standard on the existing basis, laying solid foundation for auto design and auto cultural industry.


Younger independent innovation boosts the development of Lifan Motors 

The time flies with speedy development. How to design the model much younger and more fashionable to cater for the aesthetic demand and car-using habit of consumers becomes the key factor for independent brand designing and researching a new model.

While having an insight into the car using demands of Chinese families, Lifan Motors actively takes in young and creative professionals and independently develops the high-quality and cost-performance model taking the four product concepts as the core including youth, fashion, information and function.

In the automobile field with rising homogenization phenomenon, Lifan, taking innovation as the keynote, no matter in the aspect of product research or appearance design, is in the line of speedy development. The Lifan Motors 1st (2016) College Student Creative Design Competition will undoubtedly bring in more talents to the automobile industry, making contributions to the sound development in the field.

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