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Lifan X60 Was Exhibited At The New Year Reception Of Chinese Embassy And Consulates In Brazil

- Dec 26, 2016 -

On the evening of December 20, the New Year Reception of Chinese Embassy and Consulates in Brazil was held in the consulate located in St. Paulo, Brazil. The New Year Reception has invited the key Chinese enterprises in Brazil and the representatives of Brazilian government and enterprises. Lifan Motors is invited to the reception.


Chinese ambassador to Brazil Li Jinzhang was present at the reception and made the keynote speech. The ambassador has reviewed the achievements for the cooperation between China and Brazil, emphasizing that Chinese government attaches great importance on the trade and economic cooperation in Latin American region; interpreting the latest Chinese government policy towards Latin America and Caribbean area; expressing the firm confidence in Brazilian market. He encouraged the Chinese enterprises to make steady improvement especially the manufacturing field represented by automobile which is on the behalf of increasing progress of Made in China.


Lifan X60, as the best-selling Chinese model in Brazil, was exhibited at the consulate. The X60 facelift CVT model has got the unanimous praise from Chinese and Brazilian governments and enterprises. As learned, Lifan X60 facelift will be launched at the middle year of 2017 including CVT and MT versions, which will further consolidate the market position of Lifan Motors and challenge the traditional strong brands, achieving brilliance for Made in China in Brazil.


The Brazilian economy in 2016 fell into the depression that the sales of automobile market slid down sharply. Even so, the sales of Lifan Motors still took the lead. In the meantime, Lifan Motors widely carries out the after-sales service and sales training to improve the service level, making unremitting efforts to realize Lifan’s South American strategy. Lifan Motors actively responds to the national call towards Latin American economic development. Root in Brazil and explore in the market to strive for being a dazzling Chinese star in Brazilian market. 

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