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Lifan X60 2016 Goes On Sale In Russia

- Dec 26, 2016 -

Lately, Lifan Motors Russia goes on sale of the new product Lifan X60 NEW. X60 is the best-selling Chinese car in Russia, of which the 2016 version, just like its series product Solano II, has the upgrading continuity. The body platform and inside has no change, still keeping its original practicability.


The appearance of X60 NEW has made larger modification, which turnes out to be more motional and impressing, accord with the current design trend. In the aspect of the front face, it has been entirely modified. The most obviouse is the chromeplated Lifan logo on the wide front grille. This kind of front grille brings visual effect of wider body. The highly integrated lamps and high-amout fog lamps are quite favored by the off-road amateurs.


In the aspect of interior trim, the whole function is stronger and more pratical. And the material selection is much exquisite. No matter in the visual sense or the hand feeling, it makes the sense of high-class car. The most obvious modification is the all-new console. The air conditioner control system adopts much younger style like X50. The regulation keys of the gas flow temperature and intensity are designed on the same button which is of high efficiency. The interior trim provides two color schemes: one is all black of the front panel, the other is half black and half light of the front panel, two of which are leather surrounded.

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