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Lifan Uruguay Plant Recovers Production And The Off-line Ceremony Ended Up With Success

- May 26, 2017 -

c52a7bf003a94529613f5b1811bd0ba9.jpgFrom left: General Manager of Lifan Motors Uruguay Liu Jin,Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Dong Xiaojun,Vice-Chairperson of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee Wang Zhengwei,Vice President of Uruguay Raúl Sendic,Vice Minister of Industry Guillermo Moncecchi,Governor of San Jose State José Luis Falero,Minister of Industry José Heijo,Deputy General Manager of Lifan Motors Huang Zhen.

With the company of deputy general manager of Lifan Motors Huang Zhen and the executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors Uruguay Liu Jin, the leaders and guests visited and inspected the Lifan Uruguay KD plant. After taking a closer look at the hardware and software updates which the plant had made in quality control, efficiency improvement and safety assurance, the leaders and guests also expressed their sincere expectations for the future achievements of the plant.


At the ceremony, Mr. Huang Zhen introduced the production recovery background, current situation and planning of Lifan plant. He continued with Lifan’s heartful thanks to the supports from CPPCC, Chinese Embassy and local government in Uruguay, which confirmed Lifan’s determination and confidence in taking roots in South American markets and striving for long-term development.

Then, during the speech from the Vice President of Uruguay Raúl Sendic, he pointed out that the production recovery of Lifan plant had shown its great trust in local market as foreign investment enterprise, carrying the hope of many workers and local government. At the same time, he stated the supports and thanks to Lifan on behalf of Uruguay government, and promised to continue contributing to a closer China- Uruguay relationship in the future.


Mr. José Luis Falero, the governor of San Jose state where Lifan plant located, congratulated and thanked about the production recovery of Lifan, “Today will be remembered by us forever. We would like to thank Lifan and Chinese government for your great help”. And recovering the Lifan plant would “provide more and more business and job opportunities” for local development.
At last, Vice-Chairperson Wang Zhengwei, Ambassador Dong Xiaojun, Vice President Raúl Sendic and Deputy General Mamnager Huang Zhen stood in front of the first X60 rolling off the line after production recovery and cut off the ribbons together, laying a new devepment chapter for Lifan Motors in Uruguay and Mercosur (Southern Common Market).


The ceremony was widely reported by over 30 important newpapers and media platforms around China and Uruguay, such as Xinhua News and People's Daily Online, the official websites of Uruguay President Office and Ministry of Industry, as well as Uruguayan newpapers such as El País, El Observador, La República, receving unanimous positive appraisals and congratulations from the public.

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