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Lifan Motors Shining Exclusively In Ethiopian International Expo

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Lifan Motors exhibited the taxi modified by Lifan 530 which was able to serve as the airport and urban taxi. In addition, Lifan L7--a 7-seat spacious urban-use car being appropriate for Ethiopian market also showed on the exhibition.

The undersecretary Dessalegn Ambaw made a keynote speech and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony as the representative of Ethiopian Transportation Department. After the ceremony, the group of Dessalegn Ambaw came to Lifan exhibition stand first and had a brief communication with executive deputy general manager Ma Qun and sales director Su Feixiang. The undersecretary expressed his highly recognition for the excellent performance of Lifan Motors in Ethiopia. He said, “Lifan Motors is the first automobile assembling company and factory in Ethiopia, and your contribution to our country, especially to public transportation, is obvious to all of us. We can see Lifan 530 taxies here and there from the airport to urban area.”While he also reminded that Lifan should keep modest like it always be, only when the quality and after-sales service meet customers’ expectation, can the brand of Lifan last long.

It’s noteworthy that Ethiopian government has started to pay close attention to the influence that transportation exerted to national economic and people’s livelihood. Meanwhile, Lifan Motors has been the benchmark for Ethiopian automobile industry, whose technology and policy was taken as the example for local survey and policy-making. We believe that in the near future, Lifan will get more trust and support from government, taking the first step from Ethiopia, expanding to its neighboring countries, setting an example of the belt and road, being the real name card of Ethiopia.

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