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Lifan Motors Organizes New Models Technical Training In Russia

- Dec 26, 2016 -

In the purpose of carrying out the after-sales service after the launching of the new models Lifan820 and Lifan X7, the trainer from Lifan Motors after-sales service center Zou Wentao headed for Lifan Motors Russia to organize the five-day new products after-sales training on December 4, 2016.


As the flagship products of Lifan Motors in Russian market in 2017, Lifan820 and X7 have got great attentions from Lifan Motors Russia. The professionals are dispatched to participate entirely in the new model training.


This training has divided into two parts including theoretical illustration and practical operation. The theoretical illustration mainly introduces the automobile basic parameters, power assembly system and electric system. The technical feature of 2.4L engine + 6AT has aroused the great interest from the trainees. During the training, the problems proposed by the trainees have been replied through the patient illustration from the trainer. While the trainer introduces how the electronic control unit computes at high speed and transfers the data in the CAN-BUS electric system, the trainees and trainer carried out the heated discussion that the atmosphere is of great activeness.


This training has 29 class hours and 36 persons in total took part in it. All the trainees have passed the assessment, up to the expectant training result. The trainer, on behalf of Lifan Motors, presented the training certificate to the trainees who have passed the evaluation, making a good ending for the new model after-sales training. Lifan Motors is in hope of laying the solid foundation for the after-sales service before the launching of Lifan820 and Lifan X7 in Russia, and also places great expectation on the hot sale of these two new models. 


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