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Lifan Motors Held 2016 Uruguayan Dealers Conference

- Dec 09, 2016 -

On December 2, Lifan Motors South America held 2016 dealers conference in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Over 30 dealers around the country took an active part, exchanging ideas with the officers and staff from Lifan Motors Plant in Uruguay.


The deputy general manager of Lifan Motors South America Mr. Wu Tao, as the representative of Lifan Motors, had the in-depth talk with the dealers. And dealers from Gonzalo Ruiz Automoviles、Automotora 18、Todolar S.A respectively spoke out freely who retrospected their market sales and showed their achievements on top sales and after-sales training activities. Meanwhile, the dealers also had the discussion in allusion to the product planning, determining the strategic thinking for building excellent sales and service network as well as the optimization method. In 2017, the dealers will continue to mainly launch LifanX50. All dealers at the conference expressed their further cooperation intentions.


For the purpose of making dealers get more knowledge of Lifan all-new models, the conference has also exhibited two new models including Lifan X7 and Lifan 620II, and made the introduction and expectation to the soon coming models such as X80, CA10, CY02C and CP08C. The excellent design and configurations of Lifan Motors have got extensive attentions from dealers.


Last Lifan Motors and the dealers toasted together to send the New Year wishes and look ahead the year of 2017. Both parties have strong willing to achieve better results through joint efforts. 

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