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Lifan M7 Won The MVP Award In 2017

- Jul 05, 2017 -

As a traditional project on the eve of Chongqing auto show, the China Auto Media Night and the China Auto Media Awards have been held for four times. The theme of this ceremony is "New Example and Pioneer Strength". The reviewers of the award ceremony came from more than 100 auto media and hundreds of auto business marketing representatives, market representatives and experts to ensure the professionalism and impartiality of assessment.

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In this ceremony, the guests launched a heated discussion for the road of enterprise change, the integration of old and new forces and competition on the background of enterprise marketing and large data in the new media era, and granted the Annual MPV with the Hottest Concern, Most Annual Popular SUV , Annual Middle-Large Luxury Cars, Annual Cost-effective Models , Annual Smart Models and other awards.

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Lifan M7, awarded with the Annual MPV with the Hottest Concern in the ceremony, was launched on March 28 this year, which was the first MPV after practicing Household Seven-seat Multi-Purpose Car strategy. Lifan M7, positioning urban household seven-seat multi-purpose car, is a good-looking car facing to the young people in large cities.

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The seats of Lifan M7 adopt two layout of 2 +3 +2 (7 seats) and 2 +2 +2 (6 seats). And the six-seat version is more suitable for urban family. Lifan M7 is equipped with a very rich power. And there are three kinds of engines, including 1.8L and 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and 1.5T turbo engine. It is provided with gearbox combination of 5MT, CVT and 8AT to adapt to a variety of car using scenes.

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The interior of Lifan M7 is luxury with a sense of fashion, and the surrounded center console design is inspired by the design of the yacht, which makes you and your family feel like a warm home in the car. M7 has the length, width and height of 4720 * 1840 * 1665 (mm) and the wheelbase of 2780mm, of which the interior space is spacious and comfortable.

Lifan Motors 13.jpg

In addition, the panoramic sunroof, 360-degree around view system, seat massage heating and other leapfrog configuration make M7 have the high-end enjoyment. With lunch-break NVH mute design, smart phone interconnection system, cruise control system and other practical configurations, Lifan M7 has the configuration peak among the same level cars.

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