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Lifan Is On The List Of 2016 Top100 Innovating Enterprises In Chinese Mainland

- Feb 08, 2017 -

Lately the most influential intelligent information service institution Clarivate Analytics firstly released the billboard for 2016 Top100 Innovating Enterprises in Chinese Mainland. Lifan Group is on the list.

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In face of increasing severe operating pressure, Lifan Group persists in taking innovation as the core competence which takes innovation as the main approach to the company’s development. Increase the investment in technical innovation; complete intellectual property management; focus on the key products and key development field; give full play to the superiority in technical innovation system; carry out open-ended collaborative innovation, all of which have achieved remarkable effect. Since the establishment, Lifan has accumulatively applied 9748 patents at home and abroad that the quantity of patent licensing ranks No.1 in China. Moreover, Lifan has successively got 13 national prizes such as the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, and over 200 city-level prizes such as the award for scientific and technological advancement in Chongqing.

The billboard for 2016 Top100 Innovating Enterprises adopts the same selection method with the billboard for Global Top100 Innovation Institutions, including four factors index, namely the total quantity of invention, patent licensing rate, globalization and influence, which makes the statistics be of authority and significance. With the steady implementation of Chinese global innovative strategy One Belt, One Road, the innovation status of Chinese enterprises has drawn greater attentions world widely. The billboard focuses on the innovation of enterprises in Chinese Mainland, aiming to select the enterprises in Chinese Mainland which are leading the tide and more innovative, so as to reward their outstanding contributions in the aspect of research, intellectual property protection and the commercialization of innovative achievements. 

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