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Chongqing Municipal Committee And Executive Vice Mayor Wu Cunrong Paid An Official Visit To Lifan Mo

- Jul 05, 2017 -

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Vice Mayor Wu firstly came to the assembly workshop of Lifan Motors' third factory. With a row of intelligent robots waving long arms, the science and technology sense has been highly praised by the Vice Mayor Wu. He stopped from time to time, watched the production process of the assembly line, and carefully asked some of the details. In this regard, President Mu Gang gave a detailed answer.

Mu Gang gave the detailed report of the production and operation of Lifan to Vice Mayor Wu. He said that although the macroeconomic development pressure is great, Lifan has always been rooted in the real economy and not wavered. From January to May this year, Lifan has achieved substantial growth. I believe, through the efforts of all Lifan staff, the year will also witness more substantial growth in the economy.

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After the total introduction from Mu Gang, Vice Mayor Wu said: Made in China 2025 is the big strategy making China become the manufacturing power, hoping Lifan to seize the opportunity with intelligent manufacturing and innovative drive as a breakthrough to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of enterprises.” For the problems of difficult supporting and recruitment in the development of Lifan, he instructed the accompanying colleagues of relevant municipal level departments to make monographic study.

Subsequently, the staff demonstrated the use flow of APP Pand Auto. The Vice Mayor Wu opened the car door with great interest, carefully checking and asking the relevant circumstances of Lifan 320EV.

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The Vice Mayor Wu and his team also watched unique three-minute battery exchange technology of Lifan. After watching the demonstrators removing the battery from the car expertly and then installing a full-charging battery with the whole process of less than three minutes, Vice Mayor Wu nodded again and again, and fully affirmed Lifan’s new energy strategy with the battery exchange model and car-battery separation as the core.

Finally, Vice Mayor Wu sent a wish to Lifan, hoping Lifan to innovate the business model to promote the transformation and upgrading of pillar industries; strengthen the training of high-end talents to promote the expansion and quality improvement of strategic emerging manufacturing, and aim at innovative application research for market demand.

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