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Azerbaijan Government Presents Lifan320 To Veterans

- Nov 23, 2016 -

On November 16, the coldness in winter penetrates everywhere in Azerbaijan. Though it is chilly, 140 veterans, standing at the square of Naz-Lifan after-sales service center, felt much warm in heart. That is because they will get special gifts which are 140 Lifan 320 cars prepared by Azerbaijan social security department.


The leaders in Azerbaijan always attach great importance to taking care of the veterans and increasingly improve the social security. The Lifan320 cars given to the veterans are assembled by Lifan Motors factory in Nakhitchevan, Azerbaijan. The manufacturing process and accuracy is strictly executed according to Lifan Motors’ manufacturing standard. The sedan is with superior performance and high cost performance.


As the Chinese auto brand entering Azerbaijan at the earliest, Lifan started to sell cars early in 2009. In 2010, the fifth overseas factory of Lifan Motors was put into operation in Nakhitchevan, Azerbaijan. The four models sold in Azerbaijan including 720, 820, X60 and 330, relying on their reasonable price, stable quality and prompt after-sales service, have got the recognition from customers. In the past seven years, Lifan sales have taken the lead, becoming the best-selling Chinese brand. As learned from the statistics, the ownership of Lifan has reached 6023 units in Azerbaijan where there are only about 8 million populations.


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