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Logistics Commercial Vehicle

Logistics Commercial Vehicle

LF6420 Seasion is a high-end big minivan with 4.2m long. Its appearance and interior trim are of more sedan factors. As a high-end big minivan, this model highlights on the comfort compared with ordinary wide minivan. And its power performance, carrying capacity and interior room have been...

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Product Details

LF6420 Seasion is a high-end big minivan with 4.2m long. Its appearance and interior trim are of more sedan factors. As a high-end big minivan, this model highlights on the comfort compared with ordinary wide minivan. And its power performance, carrying capacity and interior room have been upgraded.


    Broader wheel track:The broader the wheel track is, the higher the stability will be. The broadened front/rear wheel track can prevent the sidesway during turning operation, so the safety is enhanced.

    Impact absorbing area same as that of a car:The longitudinally positioned impact absorbing structure used in cars is adopted, and 6 impact absorbing grooves are arranged at the front end of the beam, which can absorb the impact energy in sequence.Ensure the safety of drivers and passengers to the largest extent.

    Secure semi-integral body:High strength integral body construction is adopted, and high-tension steel plates are widely used; the welding robots ensure high precision in welding process, so the body structure has the strongest impact resistance and deformation prevention capability. The impact resistance capability is enhanced by a large margin, and with the 360 degree protection system for driver, the driver can be fully assured about the safety.

    9 reinforcing beams for the chassis:The reinforced chassis technology improves the load bearing capacity and safety of the M-VAN.The cross beam is pressed into shape with 2.0mm steel plate (traditional M-VAN use1.4mm cross beam ); the cross-section thickness of the front, middle and rear sections of the beam are 68 mm, 70 mm and 72 mm;The floor cross beam is pressed with 1.6mm steel plate (traditional M-VAN use 1.0mm steel plates).

    Proportional valve sensing load:The hazards of drifting, sideslipping and loss of steering control can be prevented and the braking length is shorted effectively, ensuring safety in braking.

    hicken and high strength doors:The special automobile steel plate with double-sided galvanization is used in the doors, and with integral pressing and forming in once instance, the doors are more thick and firm; with the embedded double impact resistance crossbeams in the doors, safety is doubly ensured.

    Retractable steering column:When the automobile is hit with strong impacting force, the steering column will absorb the impact energy and slide and break in an instant, avoiding injury to the driver. The retractable steering column is safer and more reliable, so the driving and riding safety is enhanced.

Strong power

    LIFAN SEASION 's LF479Q5 engine, which is one of the Q series jointly developed by LIFAN and the most influential engine developer-Ricardo Corporation UK, has an arrangement of in-line ,four cylinders, 16 valves, Double overhead camshaft and MPI and has characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure, high cost performance, high part compatibility, smooth intake/exhaust, higher combustion ratio, high power and low fuel consumption. The power rating can reach 68.5kw, the maximum torque is 112Nm, and the power per liter can reach the amazing 52.5kw。The power of this engine on SEASION is among the top of similar M-VAN. At lower speed, big torque ; at higher speed, the power output is vigorous. It also has very high fuel efficiency, so the cost of operation is reduced significantly.

    Advanced transmission:The five-speed manual transmission adopts the sophisticated three-cone synchronizer, which enhances the synchronizing torque and shortens the synchronizing time. The gear shifting process is simple and easy, and the shifting result is clear and smooth--BMW also utilizes this technology. With this technology, driving is full of fun.


    All seats of LIFAN SEASION adopt the high embracing submarining protection system, and as they have incorporated the ergonomic principles, the drivers and riders can sit in the most comfortable sitting posture. The seat cushion and backrest pad use double density environment friendly materials, so supporting capability, safety and comfortableness are all ensured. Even in drawn-out journeys, the driver will not get exhausted by an uncomfortable seat, and the riders enjoy a stable and comfortable trip.

    Front McPherson independent suspension:For the present ,The front McPherson suspension is also used in car, efficient to resist vibration, occupy small area , light weighted,advanced and practical .

    wide tires with high performance:Adopt 175/170 wide tire, incorporating driving efficiency, road behavior, braking capacity, water flow, anti-skidding capacity and wear resistance, so the travelling safety and operability is enhanced. It brings you amazing driving and riding experience.

Fashionable appearance

    M-van Side with Dynamic & fashionable:Wedge-shaped body design, full dynamic streamline ; coordinated and steady vehicle body proportion; combine with high waistline design, textures wheel trims and dynamic aluminum alloy hub with five spokes; look modest, tasteful and full dynamic .

    Europe style frontal design:The double U-shaped frontal style is fashionable, masculine and dynamic, highlighting owner's optimistic life attitude. It’s not only a vehicle, but also a living attitude.

    Eagle eye type headlight:Use the most popular water drop-shaped crystal headlight, plus black frame; look more masculine, unique and wiser. Meanwhile, the eagle eye headlight has higher luminance and wider shining angle. Even in the complex countryside road, night drive is also quite safe.

    Car style front grille:The unique shape of the European-style front grille gives prominence to the wide body appearance and enhances the ventilation effect on the water tank; when the heat dispersion is improved, the working efficiency of the engine will get better.

    Crystal projecting fog lamp:The unique rhombohedral crystal front fog light with sporty element is adopted, which ensures a high penetrating capability with more focused beams. It is safer to drive in evening and rainy/foggy days.

    Wide adjustable rearview mirror, similar to that of cars:Wide adjustable external rearview mirrors similar to that of high-end cars are utilized, so fashionable standard is ensured while its convenient usability in turning , when overtaking changing lanes, it can help to tell the conditions at the back and flanks, thus ensuring safety.

    Tail:The tail looks grand, solid and full of dynamism, which resembles the style of middle-end cars and highlights the presence and sense of high quality. It helps to gain envy when driving out to meet friends.

    LIFAN wide angle taillight:The internationally popular three dimensional extra-wide angle taillight is equipped, and many fashionable elements have been incorporated in it; the white lighting sets are not only attractive but also have higher luminance and wider illumination angle. With this design, the lighting sets ensure safety in nighttime driving; together with the high brake lights, the tailgating accidents are effectively prevented so nighttime driving safety is further enhanced.

    Front windshield with broad view:The front windshield with the brand of Fuyao glass has characteristics of beautiful appearance and high impact resistance, so it helps to improve the comfortableness and safety during travelling.

    Wide back door window:Black glass frames for cars are used, and the appearance is beautiful and fashionable. The large back door window ensures a broad view.

    Inner trimming style:The design of the inner trimmings of LIFAN SEASION adopts car inner trimmings that are internationally modish, and the dark grey quasi-carbon fiber instrumental panel highlights the sporty element whereas the light cream-colored shade creates a fresh and comfortable riding space. The internal space is elegant, cozy and sporty.

    Double-color instrument console –T:The innovative design of the T-shaped instrument panel with dark grey upper part and light cream color lower part is adopted, and quasi-carbon fiber panels are used to create a simple and streamlined appearance. This is in line with the aesthetic values of dynamism and harmony of the Chinese people. The multifunction keys on the central dashboard are easy to operate as they are driver-centered. The environment-friendly PP material is in accord with the environment protection cause, giving the driver a green riding environment.

    Sporty aluminum wheel:Adopted the strip–type dynamic aluminum alloy wheels with sportive grade.

Big room

    Extra large inner space:If the rear two row seats are removed, the LIFAN High-end M-VAN with great power --"LIFAN SEASION" (total length 4201mm, width 1650mm and wheel base 2850mm) will radiate with a presence of king in the M-VAN segment.

    Extra large passenger space:The extra-long 4.2-meter body of SEASION makes sure that multi- row seats can be installed, which means the internal space can be utilized effectively. More leg room is allowed for passengers.

    Over-width backdoor:The trunk has larger room than other M-VAN, and the total volume is 1908L, about 20-30% higher than similar M-VAN. The floor is flat and has a uniform shape, so it has a higher utilization ratio. The owner will not worry about space limitation for his goods. The loading and unloading of goods is more direct and convenient.

LF5029XXY is a van-type model developed on the basis of Seasion, equipped Lifan Q-series engine, with 1.3L displacement, and the rated power reaches 68.5KW with strong power and 4.2m long, wider space and 5seats.