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Fuel-Efficient Minivan

Fuel-Efficient Minivan

Lifan Foison (vehicle model: LF6401) is a powerful big minibus with big room and high bearing capacity which made for four years by the well-known experts who come from UK, Chrysler, Second Automobile Works Co., and Lifan Motors Institute to well-design and perfect match about the engine, body,...

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Product Details

Lifan Foison (vehicle model: LF6401) is a powerful big minibus with big room and high bearing capacity which made for four years by the well-known experts who come from UK, Chrysler, Second Automobile Works Co., and Lifan Motors Institute to well-design and perfect match about the engine, body, chassis, safety for impact, etc. It also absorbs the years of experiences of Lifan on motorcycle, general purpose engine, truck, coach and passenger-car production, and awarded hundreds of national patents.

High Safety

    The door of Lifan Foison adopts double-side galvanized steel sheet special for automobile manufactured by Baosteel (Shanghai), combined with overall one-time punching molding technology, that makes high rigidity of body torsion and warping, with strong resistance to deformation and durable as well as makes the door thicker, heavy and solid, having improved the safety. And the unique embedded dual anticollision cross member will provide you doubled safeguard.

    Passenger-car type cascade safety impact energy-absorbing zone: The advanced passenger-car type vertical energy-absorbing structure for safety impact is adopted, and 6 safety impact energy-absorbing slots are set at the most front end of beam to absorb the impact energy step by step for guaranteeing the safety of driver and passenger to the uttermost.

    Reinforced frame: Lifan Foison uses 9 reinforced chassis crossrails. And the beam is formed by one-time punching using 2.0mm thick steel plate (traditional is 1.4mm). The cross-sectional area of front, middle & rear of beam is 68mm, 70mm and 72mm respectively. The floor cross member is formed by punching with 1.6mm steel plate (traditional minicar uses 1.0mm steel), and it has improved the safety.

Strong power

    Lifan Foison equips Q-series engine that joint-developed by Ricardo PLC (UK) with the displacement of 1.299L. From its Toyota origin, optimized and matched by Ricardo PLC (UK). Four-cylinder 16 valves, twin overhead camshafts structure bring a high combustion efficiency and strong power (reached 92.5 hp), meanwhile energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Helical intake technology, the fuel air ratio will drop to 1:40, its power and torque will increase more than 10%, NOX emission will reduce 70%, and CQ2 emission will reduce 20% that reached China IV standard. Twin overhead camshafts and multi-valve technology, realized the characters of high torque & output, and reduced 30% HC emission.

Stable Driving

    Light-weighted thickened drive shaft: Diameter is 57mm with larger transmission torque and light-weighted design that effectively reduced the resistance to parts motion; high efficiency and low fuel consumption; less shakes, and more smooth, greatly improving the stability.

    Enhanced rear suspension design: Axle tube of rear axle is 68mm in diameter that increased the bearing capacity. Halfshaft bearing adopts reinforced 6307 deep groove ball bearing with 21mm wide loading surface, while other model's bearing is 19mm. It owns the most powerful bearing capacity among all minibuses. And the halfshaft oil seal directly adopts the most expensive fluoroelastomer material, which has a good abrasion performance, resistance to high temperature and aging. The Leaf spring adopts four-leaf composite structure, and bearing auxiliary spring is thickened 3mm with strong rigidity, ensuring the excellent driving stability at full load.

    Optimized front helical spring: Front helical spring uses 3 mounting points (ordinary minicar only 2 points), and enlarge the contact area to body so as to make it more stable when turning.

    Matching with high-intensity truck tire: The tire size is 175/70R14LT 6PR, 6-layer light truck loading level wide tire, featured abrasion resistance, strong road adherence and driving stable

Imposing Appearance

    Complete car appearance: condensed the Lifan passenger-car design technology essence, the typical European car U-shaped model highlights the safety concept. Protruding front wall outline, split-type headlamp style and damper's line enhances each other's beauty; coordinating and uniform, fullness and handsome, wonderful and fashion, demonstrating a magnificent spirit!

    Classic full front face style: Front face style is fixed Lifan brand characteristics by our designer, and draws on the experience of advanced passenger-car structure, combined with European vehicle design style, meanwhile considered the modern design concept; protruding front wall outline, headlamp style and damper's line enhances each other's beauty; better overall harmony, handsome fashion, fullness, magnificent spirit. The front grille adopts integrated U-shaped design. The wide front grille will enhance the ventilation effect of water tank, and make the heat dispersion better and improve the work efficiency of engine.

    Headlamp and rear lamp: quaternity passenger-car like headlamp is elaborately designed by Lifan's experts with novel pretty model, which applies double-layer three-dimensional contouring projection-type headlamp, and its high brightness & long illuminating distance ensures the safety during night driving; the split-level designed turn lamp, width lamp, high & low beam lamp represents grade. The rear combination lamp is designed as vertical triplet bead, its attractive three colors of red, yellow & white collocation looks like the traffic light signal, with high brightness, intensified illumination at night. Beautiful and novel, the feeling is distinctive.

    Wide homochromatic rear-view mirror in passenger-car type: the new wide rear-view mirror designed according to passenger-cars provides a wide vision to improve the safety during driving. Lens of rear-view mirror is adjustable and very convenient, and it can realize the adjustment for different angles.

    Back door: tailgate window in big size (specific width) will make reverse driving with wide vision. The silver back panel makes more fashion and it also promotes the coming car from rear part in the daytime.

Wide Space

    The dimension of Lifan Foison is 4015mm long, 1600mm wide and 1900mm high. The maximum cargo space is 2330mm long, 1400 wide and 1300mm high. The indoor and cargo space of Lifan Foison has reached the leading level among the same grade vehicles. The maximum width of front seat in Lifan LF6401 is 1260mm, maximum rear inside width is 1400mm, and driver and passengers have a very comfortable private seating space.

    Free combined middle and rear space. The middle and rear seats are fixed by double bolts, and passengers can be seated stably and firmly, while the flexible folding and dismounting will realize multiple space combination to achieve various cargo space. After both seats dismounted, the interior space is 2330mm*1400mm*1300mm, and volume is 4240L. After rear seats dismounted, the interior space is 1700mm*1400mm*1300mm, and volume is 3094L. After rear seats folded, the interior space is 1300mm*1400mm*1300mm, and volume is 2366L. The rear space is large enough to satisfy your diversified carrying demands.

Humanized Technique of Lifan foison

    Comfort:The aero seat fully considering physical functions adopts sedan high encapsulated seat design, equips advanced fabric thickening cushion which improves the safety and comfort. The sliding cab seat and wide driving space makes you have an easy drive and a happy journey.

    Practicality:Interior dimension: Length X Width X Height= 2330mm×1260mm× 1300mm,the largest interior space compared with the same class minivans; advantage for loading large cargo.The doorframe width of the back door is up to 1200mm (traditional minivan is shorter than1200mm), far superior to other minivans' loading width. The distance from the wheel hub inner to the back door is 420mm (Others are not up to 300mm), meeting above 95% luggage's stable placing.

    Flexibility:Combination seats, the middle and rear-row seats are foldable and over turned, sufficiently widening interior space in pursuit of meeting your various requirements.

    Convenience:Integral overlaying back door and large straight-entry cargo space makes more loadings and more convenient.

    There is facelift model of Foison (vehicle model: LF6401AA1), which has remodified the front/rear bumper, headlamp and rear lamp, and also added daytime running lamp.

    LF5028XXY is a van truck developed on the basis of Foison, mainly used for urban cargo transportation. 5028XXYA1 is the facelift model. The car can accommodate 2 people, equipped Lifan independent-developed 1.3L engine. And the cargo space is 2100×1400×1300.

    LF5028XJH is an ambulance model developed on the basis of Foison.