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SUV Quotes

- May 05, 2017 -

China's SUV market in 2006 relative to 2005 to achieve a stable growth. 2006 SUV sales of 228695 vehicles. Among them, four-wheel drive SUV sales of 107,200, an increase of 10.31%; two-wheel drive SUV sales of 130,900, an increase of 31.93%. Great Wall Motor to 40062 topped the list, an increase of 41%, accounting for 17.5% of the total SUV market share.

2007 SUV market recovery and the growth rate of more than the car. SUV industry after more than two years of precipitation and adjustment, the industry threshold to enhance the SUV market to create a favorable competitive environment; domestic mainstream car prices to seize the opportunity to enhance the brand's core competitiveness, and continuously upgrade the technical level in the SUV market, ; More importantly, the pursuit of leisure lifestyle consumer demand, to promote the structural changes in the passenger car market. In 2007, SUV cumulative sales of 375055, an increase of 57.8%. This growth rate is almost twice the overall increase in the domestic automotive industry in 2007. Which the Great Wall SUV to 64732 units ranked first, accounting for the entire SUV market share of 17.3%, which is the Great Wall Motor won the fifth year sales champion.

In 2008, SUV market hot degree did not diminish. 2008 January to May, China SUV cumulative sales of 200750, an increase of 51.5%.

City SUV become the mainstream domestic SUV market. This type of car in the adoption of such indicators as the pure off-road SUV, but the appearance of fashion, comfortable space, complete configuration, more able to meet the modern city of travel and holiday wild pioneering lifestyle. At the same time, the city SUV displacement between 2.0-2.5, to ensure the power at the same time, but also get economic fuel consumption.

From the 2011 SUV sales trend point of view, the first car buyers of young consumers tend to SUV products, accounting for more than 20% of the overall sales of SUV.

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