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SUV purchase

- May 05, 2017 -

Select the SUV to be four to see

See fuel consumption

Buy the car before the first to take into account the cost of raising a car. Some users prefer to buy displacement, power SUV, but this type of car fuel consumption are generally higher, and as a city to use, choose a low fuel consumption SUV more affordable, if you are not a professional off-road drivers, the proposed choice A city SUV more appropriate.

Look at the chassis

Select the car not only look at the appearance, more important to see it chassis. The market has a considerable part of the economic SUV chassis is not SUV dedicated chassis, but with the same leather plate spring structure, which does not have the sport off-road performance. The most obvious sign of off-road SUV is its chassis front axle for off-road high-strength large swing arm structure independent suspension, open four-link suspension rear axle, coil spring non-independent suspension.

See business

As of October 2009, SUV manufacturers are numerous, but quite a small number of small factories with annual sales are very small, with the fierce market competition, this non-professional and small businesses may be eliminated, despite the publicity efforts, but Can not guarantee long. Generally speaking, the strength of listed companies is relatively strong, production and management norms, after-sales service is guaranteed.

Look at the price

The so-called "cost", is a score, performance quality is the molecule, the price is the denominator, regardless of the molecular denominator changes will make the score change, so can not say that the high price is high, low price is low. Buy a favorite SUV, to a comprehensive measure of vehicle cost.

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