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SUV province oil tips

- May 05, 2017 -

In addition to buying a car with an average fuel consumption, the good driving habits can also help you save a significant amount of money on fuel consumption. To maintain a good driving habits to pay attention to: to avoid prolonged idling; to avoid rapid acceleration, brakes; choose the right gear; reasonable use of refrigeration systems; regular cleaning luggage compartment and so on.

Among them, select the appropriate stalls, refers to the road conditions are good at high speed, try to avoid driving at high speed low. In addition, it is best to control the speed of travel in the range of 75-90 km per hour, because at this speed, fuel economy is the best. As for the rational use of refrigeration systems, under normal circumstances, SUV in the air conditioning when the fuel consumption will be higher than 1.5 ~ 2L / 100 km, some fuel economy superior SUV brand, such as Pajero SPORT models will be higher than 1.2 ~ 1.5L / 100 Km.

Some car users in order to save fuel, will open the sunroof ventilation to turn off the air conditioning, this approach is less than 80km / h speed is feasible, but when the speed is higher than 80km / h, the window brought the air resistance consumption Fuel consumption is more than air-conditioning refrigeration consumption. In addition, the maintenance and maintenance of the car will lead to some parts of the aging and wear, resulting in increased fuel consumption, that is, maintenance is also an important factor affecting fuel consumption. In the maintenance, can help the fuel-saving skills are mainly the following: a, steering wheel and tire to locate the calibration; b, tire inflation or too much and too long mileage and other reasons, the tire wear will increase fuel consumption; c D, pay attention to the maintenance of the engine, choose better quality oil lubrication, regular replacement of spark plugs, keep the engine a good working condition.

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