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SUV professional maintenance

- May 05, 2017 -

SUVs are typically four-wheel drive (4WD) designs to cope with different road conditions. The so-called four-wheel drive for the engine generated by the power, driven by the transmission shaft to the four drive wheels, can balance the four-wheel balance and driving force. And four-wheel drive can be divided into full-time four-wheel drive and automatic four-wheel drive, which full-time four-wheel drive is equipped with a central differential can be coordinated before and after the drive shaft speed, The differential has a very important role in maintaining smooth traffic.

Most of the SUV rear axle differential is equipped with a non-slip device (rear LSD), if a certain wheel slip, to ensure that another wheel is still grip; and this situation is easy to produce high temperature, damage the differential. Therefore, consumers should be based on the original proposal to use the appropriate lubricants, only with good lubrication, high temperature and other characteristics, can really completely protect the differential and automatic transmission.

In addition, in the case of non-general plane road driving, such as: River Creek River, across the sand, mud road, and up and down the slope, etc., four-wheel drive to play a role, the engine output torque increases, bringing the engine load , Easy to make the engine oil temperature rises sharply, in the face of this situation, the oil quality requirements than the average vehicle to be high, so the use of all synthetic, high stability of the engine oil to provide the best protection. At the same time, because the temperature is high, the engine oil is easier to oxidize thickening, resulting in piston carbon deposition, and make the oil to produce sediment, to accelerate the aging of oil, easy to wear parts. So the owner is best to shorten the oil change mileage, regular replacement of high-quality synthetic oil, is the best way to maintain the engine.

If you like to modify the SUV owners, such as: the suspension system or tires to increase the increase, it is best to be consistent with the original provisions of the scope, do not make too large-scale changes. Although the over-conversion in the non-general road driving road adaptation and traffic conditions performed well, once in the general plane on the road, because the center of gravity to improve, but easily endanger traffic safety. And each time driving a car to conquer adventure some back, it is best to allow professional service center to check the vehicle suspension system to see the chassis of the connecting rod mechanism screws loose, shock absorbers, engines, gearbox and other parts Whether the phenomenon of oil spills.

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