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SUV = off-road vehicle + wagon

- May 05, 2017 -

SUV was in 1991, 1992, when the real rise in the United States began in 1998, the concept of SUV into China. From the literal meaning of the SUV, it can be found that it is a combination of sport and multipurpose vehicles. Station wagons in the United States from the 1950s to 80s are very popular, with comfort and versatility to win praise; and off-road vehicles are relatively cumbersome, fuel consumption and large, and finally produced the concept of SUV, it is wagon and off-road vehicles The combination of development. SUV chassis is high, there are beams, you can pull, after the suitcase of the same space, SUV is set off-road, storage, travel, traction a variety of functions as one, so called the sport of multi-purpose vehicles.

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