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SUV max

- May 05, 2017 -

CONQUEST Knight XV from Canada is powered by a gasoline 6.8L V10 engine (engine from the Ford Motor Group), the maximum horsepower to 400hp level, the peak torque of 67.7kgm, and this new car can use E85 high ethanol content of alcohol Gasoline as fuel, so there is the concept of alternative energy, the appearance looks very majestic masculine CONQUEST Knight XV off-road vehicles, the standard configuration will include Wilton Wool called the top handmade wool carpets, Andrew Muirhead brand hand-made leather Seat and door trim panels, six-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat with additional heat device, bulletproof grade dark stained window glass, ALPINE brand full set of audio and video systems and hard disk satellite navigation devices, night vision system, etc., all new car factory Are equipped with basic bullet-proof and explosion-proof function, but consumers can also increase the level of optional variety of security bullet-proof devices (such as thick up to 64mm ultra-bulletproof glass or armor-class body pieces).

Compare with Hummer

Compare with Hummer

In addition, the original factory for consumers to provide a number of luxury technology with a list, including automotive integrated rear seat dedicated PS3 video game system and integrated interface and so on.

This body size large off-road SUV new car, but also with the current capacity of the largest car room space (up to 8013L), so buyers can install a lot of special equipment, according to the original factory in Canada, as long as there is not much problem, Can be tailored in accordance with the needs of buyers. North American price of 695,000 US dollars, to the domestic configuration of the regulation up to 11 million RMB from.

The new car's body size is 6098 × 2498 × 2540mm, wheelbase size is 3581mm, and the chassis from the ground clearance is 355mm, the tank volume also reached 152L, empty total weight of 4540kg, with Mickey Thompson brand Baja Radial ATZ cross With tire failure tire. NBA star Dwight Howard has a.

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