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SUV leads lifestyle

- May 05, 2017 -

Cycling exercise gradually developed into a popular fitness, lifestyle, coupled with Europe and the United States to sparsely populated countries, but also the country on the car, the demand for bicycle frame increased year by year, and eventually developed into a "4 +2" life Way essential equipment. The so-called 4 + 2 lifestyle, is a four-wheel car plus two rounds of a combination of outdoor recreational sports, weekend or holiday when about two or two friends or drive out with their families to a beautiful place fresh air, And then pedal riding a bike all the way to ride, completely relax, so that outdoor leisure way than driving alone driving more mobility and flexibility, and nature can be a grass and wood close contact, than the pure outdoor driving more healthy and Environmental protection, relax and also can exercise the body, for the love of outdoor riders, or even inventive, open up a new trip trip. 4 + 2 leisure outdoor lifestyle by the rest of the world's favorite, more and more Chinese riders also like this way of life. SUV is as a popular model to achieve this kind of equipment, equipped with a strong armor roof rack, the bike frame is also the fun of riding enthusiasts.

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