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SUV History Editor

- May 05, 2017 -

SUV concept of the real founding model is the United States Chrysler produced "Cherokee" (ie 213). "Cherokee" design concept is born out of off-road vehicles only stressed through the concept of sex, mainly to improve the comfort of vehicles, remove the past off-road vehicles heavy non-load-bearing body



, Quoted the car's design concept, replaced by light like most of the same car as the car body structure. But not completely sacrifice off-road performance, there is still a strong driving force, the use of 4X4 drive form, the key concept is the main emphasis on comfort.

In the United States, after 2003, SUV has been stable selling models of the head position, it is because it is suitable for urban walking, but also suitable for field Mercedes-Benz, and very much with a new generation of pursuit of publicity, love close to the natural personality.

SUV into the Chinese market, with a higher price to win the favor of many consumers. Especially in 2003 SUV has become the most prominent automotive market, and even the industry exclaimed: 2003 is the first year of SUV. SUV new products such as mushrooming, sales such as sesame seeds flowering high.

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