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SUV and mpv distinction

- May 05, 2017 -

MPV: MPV full name is Multi-Purpose Vehicle, that is, multi-purpose vehicle. It is a set of cars, station wagons and van functions, the car can be adjusted for each seat, and a variety of combinations of ways, for example, can be turned in the middle seat back can be turned into a table, Front seats can be rotated 180 degrees and so on. At present, MPV tends to be miniaturized, and the emergence of the so-called S-MPV, S is small  Sam's meaning. S-MPV captain is generally between 4.2-4.3m, compact body, usually 5-7 seat.

SUV: The full name of the SUV is the Sport Utility Vehicle, which means a sport utility vehicle. Mainly refers to those design avant-garde, innovative four-wheel drive SUV. SUV general front suspension is a car-type independent suspension, rear suspension is a non-independent suspension, large gap between the ground.

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